Columbia the beat accepts and encourages submissions from LOCAL artists. 

 It must be in mp3 format, and each track must be tagged with Artist, Song, Album, and Composer information. .m4a and .wav files will not be accepted.

Submissions must be sent through a service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. to Please note: we receive a high volume of email every day. If you are submitting music in this manner, you would be wise to follow up on it to make sure it didn’t get overlooked or moved to a spam folder.

A Short Biography – give us some info on you as an artist or as a band. This is distributed to announcers to use on their programs. It is of particular interest to us if your music is COLUMBIAN.

We have contacts and associations with major hip hop artist and producers from the Atlanta area. In some cases we may play your music on our sister station in atlanta (Atlanta Da Pulse). Producers listen to our station looking for new talent. Send us your best stuff.

We prefer whatsapp for chatting. Download at
Please include bio and photo


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